Your work can have a significant impact on your physical health and in certain cases, may cause injury to your body. Work related injuries can be caused by lifting, falls, repetitive use injuries or even motor vehicle accidents while on the job. When you sustain an injury at work, whether it’s related to a specific traumatic incident or is an injury that has developed over time due to the type of work, it is important to be seen by a medical professional.

The physician should take a detailed history, perform a focused physical examination, develop an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized, comprehensive treatment plan. Depending on the nature and severity of the injury, it may also be necessary to visit a specialist and have diagnostic testing performed.

Some regions that are commonly injured on the job may include the neck, back, shoulders, wrists and knees. It is important that the injured tissue causing symptoms is identified so that a specific treatment plan can be designed to treat the injury. Muscle, bone, ligament, and disc and tendon injuries are common structures that can be injured at work. Treatment of these injuries may include the use of therapeutic modalities (heat/ice), chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitative exercises, and prescribed home care.

Work injuries should not to be taken lightly since they can impact your ability to earn wages and affect daily life, and how you perform your normal day-to-day activities. If you are injured on the job or develop pain over time as a result of your occupation, it is important that you seek out medical care and get proper treatment to eliminate the chances of developing ongoing or chronic type pain.