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Case Studies

Patient #1 – AllisonCase Allison 1 - Philadelphia Chiropractor - HealthBridge Chiropractic

Allison is 32 years old and came to HealthBridge Chiropractic through the recommendation of a co-worker. For the past six months she suffered from daily sciatic, lower back pain as well as neck and shoulder tension. The pain became so intense that she stopped going to the gym, had trouble sleeping, and could not sit at her desk for more than a few hours at a time. The initial motor nerve scan, which detects stress on various muscles, showed that Allison had areas of chronic, severe and moderate muscle activity.

Six weeks later, after 12 visits to HealthBridge Chiropractic, a new scan of Allison showed about a 60% improvement in the neck and shoulder region. There was a 35% improvement in the lower back. At this point, Allison had less pain, less frequency of discomfort and was able to resume work-outs at the gym and also able to enjoy her home and work environment.


Patient #2 – LarryCase Larry - Philadelphia Chiropractor - HealthBridge Chiropractic

Larry is 28 years old and came to see HealthBridge Chiropractic, because of neck, shoulder and hip pain. He suffered from the pain for almost a year with the discomfort getting worse over the last three months. Like so many people, Larry sits at a computer for 6-8 hours a day with his shoulders and posture slouching and his head leaning forward and down toward the computer. Larry was forced to curtail his workouts and other ecreational activities because of the pain.

After 12 visits and six weeks of care with HealthBridge Chiropractic, Larry had a remarkable improvement in both his ability to function better both at work and at home. The mobility in his neck and lower back became more active and loose and his scan results clearly showed an improvement of about 40% in the neck and head region and a 60% improvement in the lower back area. Larry was able to resume a more frequent fitness routine thanks to his care at HealthBridge Chiropractic.

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