Motor vehicle collisions are a leading cause of injuries to the neck, back, and musculoskeletal system.  Common complaints following an accident are headaches, stiffness or pain in the neck or back, pain in the joints such as the shoulders, knees or hips, and radiating pain in the upper or lower extremities. Following a motor vehicle collision, it is very important to see a physician to get a proper consultation and evaluation and an accurate diagnosis. Depending on the injuries, specialist consultation or diagnostic testing may be necessary to properly evaluate the injuries and to determine the medically necessary treatment.

In the majority of patients, non-invasive treatment of their musculoskeletal injuries is medically necessary, clinically warranted, and overall the best option. Rehabilitative care for injuries is a great way to treat injuries without relying on medication, while at the same time making positive functional changes in your body. It is important to seek immediate care following a motor vehicle collision in order to try to eliminate the chances of chronic pain development. A course of therapy for injuries related to a motor vehicle accident can include treatments such as passive modalities (heat, ice, electric stimulation), flexibility exercises, range of motion restoration, strengthening exercises, and chiropractic manipulation. A proper treatment plan can only be developed after a detailed evaluation of the patient has taken place – treatment plans should be patient and injury specific.

Proper treatment of these injuries will help improve patient outcomes and decrease the chance of the injury have long-term effects. Benefits include decreased pain and increased flexibility and because the treatment is non-invasive, there is no need to rely on potential addictive pain medication. Injuries related to a motor vehicle collision should not be taken lightly and often times, when treated early and with a detailed and specific plan of care,  can completely resolve with therapeutic and rehabilitative care.