Michael Gonzon


7172 Ogontz Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19138

Originally from Delaware, Dr. Gonzon attended East Carolina University where he earned his B.S. degree in exercise physiology. He then attended National University of Health Sciences Florida to complete his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

Dr. Gonzon became interested in chiropractic medicine because he felt that the field would allow him to not only help patients recover from injury and trauma, but also aid them in improved health and overall wellness. Dr. Gonzon focuses much of his personal time on his own health and wellness. His exercise routine includes everything from pick-up soccer games to high intensity CrosssFit training and even the stretching and stress release of yoga. He can often be found jogging through the city and is always ready to cheer on his favorite Philly sports teams – the Eagles and the Phillies.

Dr. Gonzon is a Pennsylvania-licensed, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician and holds a license in Adjunctive Procedures. He is also well trained in muscle release techniques and instrument-assisted soft tissue technique. He has treated a wide variety of patients ranging from high-performance college athletes to senior citizens.