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Some common causes of neck pain include: trauma or injury, high levels of stress, falling asleep in an awkward position or as a result of whiplash injury during an auto accident.

Symptoms of neck pain include:

  • General pain in the neck area accompanied by some stiffness
  • Pain may extend down between the shoulder blades, out along the arms or up into the head
  • Tenderness, soreness or tension in the neck musculature
  • A numb or tingling sensation may occur in the arms and fingers

Your chiropractor will have you undergo an examination that can include: testing the range of movement of the neck, testing for trapped nerves, examination of the muscles and movement of the spine and neck. In some cases, x-rays or advanced diagnostic testing may be recommended to determine an exact diagnosis.  Treatment for neck pain may include spinal manipulation, the use of therapeutic modalities, stretching and strengthening exercises and the prescription of a customized home exercise program.

If you suffer from neck pain, and live in or around Philadelphia please contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors today. We will gladly answer any of your questions and provide you with the best treatment options available to you.